Ultimate Soccer - Football Customer Reviews:


So fun

The games is so fun

Boring game by I like it



It's good

It's good it's just that it needs more game modes and the people need to be able to run faster

If you are still play this game

If you are not then go play FIFA 17 or something

What the hell it's so bad

Worst football game

I Love the game

But only fu teams

Loved it


Not my standard

Worst game I've ever played.please don't download this.not at all good.seriously

Good game

Very easy

addicted much

the reason behind I have given it 4 star instead of 5 stars although It's very because I was too addicted and my mom broke down my mobile 😀😀😀😍😍 lol

Very interesting

Good graphic

Don't waste your time on this game

The only good thing about this game is that it is less than 20mb... everything else is pure crap. Graphics suck, players suck gameplay sucks and most of all controls are horrible

Loving it

Yaaaaaaaarrrrrr kini kaint game hai pls download kro ede te hi lage rhonge

my favirote game of football


The game is very tactical

At low size

Buttons are too hard to play

Great game.

It needs an update based on its phsyics


I wish I could rate it zero stars if there was

Dis game it's f*kn sh*t if u r die hard fan of football games, don't bother. F*k

Worst game

Cant compare with fifa 14😕😟😩

Loved it

Great football game


Loved it

Its nice game and easy to play

So nice game


Best game

Very nice games I played iny life

Yeah it's nice but some improvements are needed. Like substitutions should be shown.


no changes came


Best football game I have ever seen

Best game with less MBs!!!!

This one is the best football I have ever played😃😃


Isl fan

Good,not bad.

You should make it like fifa 16 and 12 mb

I love it so much


To easy

Love games

Nice game

Its a crazy game


Awesome games